Gifting tips: 3 unique ways to make more sales in 2023

Mother's and Father's Day are right around the corner, which means it's our duty to show our appreciation for our parents.

As someone running a gifting app, I think it's my responsibility to spread more gifts to the world, and help small business owners make more sales.

Which is why I'm here to share a 3 step approach to hone in on your Mother's/Father's day gifting strategy.

Here it is: 

  1. Customize your Gifted button text
  2. Run an email campaign with your favorite gift items
  3. Bring Gift receivers back into your funnel
  4. ( watch your sales grow ) 

Okay, let's break it down.

Step 1: Customize your Gifted button text

This one is the most important and will really make the customer experience sticky. Customers are already flooded with options, and spend a lot of time searching across different shops and channels looking for the perfect gift. If you're using the Gifted App You're already ahead of the game by offering a unique gifting experience that will set your store apart. The next step is cater your flow specific to the holiday and audience. In this case, we want to say something like "Gift this for Mother's Day". This will really make the product stand out and increase customer intent. We see extremely high conversion rates for customers that enter our gifting pop-up at this stage.

( to customize the button, head over to the app Settings page where you can configure all your custom settings ). Reach out to if you want some help from us! 

Then, they'll be taken into our gifting pop-up where they can enter in all of their personalized info and custom gift message.

Step 2: Run an email campaign

Now that your button text is customized, the next step is drive the right customers to your products. When done right, the perfect e-commerce strategy feels like the user is guided straight to checkout. We want to catch your customer's attention at the moment they are looking for their gifts.

Send an email to your customers with a subject line like " The perfect gifts for Mom ". This will catch your customer's attention in their inbox.

In the body of the email curate links to either a collection of products, or individual products themselves that you think make the perfect gift for the occasion.

Step 3: Bring Gift receivers back into your funnel

Once the gift orders start coming in, this is your opportunity to acquire new customers. The hardest part about Gift sales in e-commerce is that we often don't know much about who our gifts go to and rarely are we able to convert them into repeat customers.

But with Gifted, we give you all the information you need to get 2 customers for the price of 1. We have all the analytics on your gift sales to make that possible. You can use the email of the gift receivers to add them to your marketing funnel, run promotions, and bring them back to your store. In this way, Gifted is similar to referral programs. Gift receivers trust your brand because someone they trust has indicated that your brand is high quality. And with the right marketing nudge, they can become lifetime customers.

That's a wrap! To summarize: 

  1. Head over or install the Gifted app, and go to the Settings page to customize your button text for the holiday
  2. Send an email for Mother's Day to your customers with a curated list of products
  3. Compile the emails of your gift receivers and bring them back to your store when running your next promotion

If you liked this blog post, share it! Thanks for reading, and I hope it helps you generate lots of sales.

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