How does Gifted work?

Gifted allows online shoppers to send your store’s products as gifts through email using the Gift This Item button. Your customers will specify the recipient email and gift message, before being directed to check out. Recipients will receive a surprise email with a link to your product, allowing them to enter your marketing funnel. Gifted does not impact any of your existing checkout flows.

How can I retrieve information on gift givers and the recipients?

You will receive an email every time a customer completes the Gifted form and is directed to check out. The email will specify the customer and recipient information, as well as the time the form was completed. This will allow you to locate the order associated with the gift. The product will process just as it normally would as Gifted does not impact your checkout flow.

What email will the gift givers and recipients receive?

The gift giver will receive a confirmation email that they have successfully sent the gift. The recipient will receive an email to open their gift. The merchant will also receive a confirmation email.

What does the gift giver and recipient need to do?

The gift giver chooses the product they want to send. Subsequently, they will put in the recipient’s information, a short message, and choose the email style to send. Then, they will pay for the gift. The gift giver does not need to do anything to accept the gift.

When does the gift giver pay for the gift?

The gift giver pays after selecting the gift before it is shipped to the recipient.

Can the Gifted button only be shown on certain products?

Currently, the Gifted button is added to every product in your store. However, we are planning to release the feature to select only certain products later this summer.

What happens to the Gifted button on sold out products?

The Gifted button is hidden if the product is sold out.

Can you translate Gifted into other languages?

Currently, Gifted is only available in English. We are planning to release the product in other languages in the future. Email us to let us know what languages you’d like to see at info@givewithgifted.com

Can customers still use a discount code on a Gifted product?

Absolutely! Gifted does not impact any other part of your checkout process.

Can a customer send multiple products at the same time?

Currently, gift givers can only send one product at a time. We hope to release a bulk shipping feature in the near future.

Can a customer delay the sending of the gift?

No—currently, the gift recipient is notified as soon as the gift giver completes the Gifted form and checks out.

What if my customer wants to send a gift card as a gift?

Gifted also works for gift cards. It works as usual, except your customer will be reminded to forward the redemption code email to the gift recipient, and the recipient will be reminded to retrieve the redemption code from the giver. Please note that the recipient email will still redirect recipients back to the gift card product page.

Are there certain features you are hoping to be included in the
Gifted app?

Email us at info@givewithgifted.com for support. We prioritize customer feedback into our product roadmap.

Help! Gifted did not install properly on my store.

Email us at info@givewithgifted.com for support. Sometimes custom themes can lead to installation challenges.